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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
If it's all as good as this? More please!

Maybe there's some more footage of Vaders unmasking scene in TESB. I read somewhere the scene used to be more elaborate, with some kind of breathing machine hooked up to Vader as well. Which would make sense, since the dome is open in that would he breathe?

Yeah , I remember hearing or reading something like that a long time ago too. I don't know if it's something that was actually shot , or just an idea that never made it too screen? But if it is real , I'd love to see it in the movie , If it does'nt mess up the natural flow of the scene. Or at least on as a deleted scene feature. Cool idea , forgot about that one.

And I'm praying for some Yoda lightsaber instruction. Just Yoda flinging some rocks at Luke should be enough. Just to explain Luke's sudden increase in prowess in the movie finale. And too emphasize Yoda's 'Legendary Warrior' title, as Like called him.

That would be terriffic. There was planned a lot more stuff with Yoda training Luke on Dagabah , but I'm not sure they ever shot anything or could make it work. From what I understand? It was a lot like the Wampa stuff that never made it either. But hay , if they can put together this scene with Luke and the cave , than anything's possible I guess. Love to see it. If not for this release , mabie the Ultimate Star Wars Anthology set.

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