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Happy to be of service! At the time the DVDs were coming out, it seems like the lists of changes were not well publicized, or if they were being talked about there was a lot of incomplete or contradictory information. I wanted to be able to help people make an informed decision about them (plus it was fun to look for the little changes).

Overall, I just prefer the originals (as close as possible to the original theatrical presentations, pre-1997). For me a few of the changes are nice (like the cleaned up Rancor) while most of them are just "meh" or "bleh." I don't mind the changes so much if they don't cause the originals to become more obscure and suffer from it (which sadly seems to have happened).

Thank heaven we have the 2006 versions at least! Now it remains to be seen what happens on Blu-Ray, but word on the street is that so far only a "new" special edition set. Since I don't have the capabilities to watch BD, I won't be commenting on those, unless a DVD version comes up for rent or I can watch it on a friend's player/TV. I know that some fans have already put together their own High Def transfers (from when the 2004 versions were shown on cable). But frankly, I'm more interested in seeing a quality high def transfer of the theatrical originals.

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