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Originally Posted by LogicDeLuxe View Post
It is in the demo version, iIrc. They probably removed it, since there is nothing to do there. There are more minor details which feel unfinished in it.
And even in the demo you couldn't sit on the barrel like that early screenshot showed - it was a completely useless environment, which is probably why it was cut. The Docks does have its own music though (which you can't hear in the EMI demo because it's all temp, CMI tunes), and it was shown for a split second in the final game during the in-game cutscene that takes place right after the pre-rendered cutscene of Guybrush and Elaine landing on Melee. And due to the way the camera is positioned, you also get a peak at the docks when you exit out the door of the LUA Bar's interior.

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