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Ok, I'm confused. Can anyone please explain this to me. I'm trying to use the "Reborn_To_Maul_SP" so I put the pk3 file in the base folder like it told me to in the readme, then I start my game and my lightsaber hilt has changed, but the skin is still Kyle. Is there anything I need to do "in game" to change my appearance? I went into the console enabled cheats, and typed in the: model reborn/boss and nothing happened.
If I have to change things in the pk3 file or the cfg file, I can't access them. I tried to download a couple programs to edit them, and all they did was check them for viruses. Apparently I'm a noob for this kind of stuff. I am trying to run it on Vista, maybe that is one of the problems...
anyway, any help would be awesome. Thanks!

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