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Captain Starr, Perdante, and Zen reached the Interrogation Room aboard the Millennial with pounding hearts and suspicious minds. As far as any one of them were aware, only Mica and Pauel had been locked in that particular enclosure. No security droids, no cameras, nothing else was there to witness their confrontation--only four walls of steel, a table, and two merciless, hard-backed chairs. The Jedi Knight feared that the Apostle of Truth had been killed during his questioning, but she could not trust in hunches alone. Not even the Force could determine absolute proof of guilt. There had to be evidence of Mica's wrongdoing, and so far, there was absolutely none. Besides, why would he call a crash cart if he were guilty...

...except to throw them all off guard, including Captain Starr herself?

"Mica?" asked Perdante once she entered. "What happened here, and why?"
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