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New PC...recommendation?

Well I guess it's this time where the faithful old machine and the numerous tweaks and upgrades just need a replacement...

I used to check comp news every week but I have failed to do so in the past few years or so and have fallen way behind in terms of novelty...

So, what could you recommend for a new PC? (budget: ideally +-1.5 -2K $CAD without monitor, but it is stretchable/shrinkable, depending on value as it is sometimes pointless to put additional money in a PC - like dual graphics cards a few years ago: replacing a single high end card once in a while was more economic and offered better performance in the long run than dual cards -).

Nice overclocking capability is also appreciated...

Please no pre-built PC...building it is part of the phun!

Or should I simply wait a little? (any noteworthy upcoming novelties?)


I am also looking for a TV (gave my big box to an old aunt). I currently have a more than decent 24" monitor but I'd like to add a 40-52" TV as well ( with wireless capability, if possible), any recommendations?
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