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(NOTE: I wasn't sure whether your post meant you were anti-SLI in general, or just when it's not worth it. If the latter, consider getting 2 of these instead of the 480. Cheaper, and from the benchmarks I've seen on multiple sites, they scale really well and beat out the 480 in performance.)

Just a possible build I kicked together on Newegg Canada (so that prices would be in $CAD). If you want to overclock, it would probably be best to add on some extra CPU cooling equipment and perhaps look into liquid cooling (although I can attest that the HAF has very nice airflow stock). I tried to get good prices for each component, but didn't go for anything with less than 4 eggs average rating (what good is a cheap part if it explodes the expensive ones?). I also assumed that you would reuse mouse, keyboard, speakers from your old machine, since those are often still usable. Even with all extra things though, it should still fall underneath 2000$CAD.

I haven't kept up on the current tech rumors, so I don't know if anything especially big is coming up. I don't think so, but I'm not certain.

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