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Originally Posted by Sithdragon View Post
First of all

Hi @all :P

I'd like to see a story of Order 66 with Delta Squad
Meaby even a Story where they decline Order 66 (dont even know if its possible for them)

An idea of mine was (a little bit funny but i like it :P) :
LA wants to continue Lightsaber storys ?
Let us hunt some Jedi or even Sith as Delta Squad !
there would be Lightsabers but not in our hands^^

As a second Idea: id like to see the story of Yoda escaping to his planet where Luke founds him and Delta Squad brings him there :P

Yeah i know my ideas are a bit "strange" but i rly wish there would be an RC2

ps.:sry 4 my bad english iam from germany :P
Awesome ideas, but ... if delta squad becomes a jedi hunter, it`s clearly that you are playing imperial commando , but on the other hand, why not :
1 st, hunt for siths and eventually make a diffrence in the war / hunt ... not exactly , i mean there aren`t much sith left, but you get the point, help the jedi and stuff.... /
2nd, the squad to split, maybe the three of them go each on their own, or, scorch goes to save Sev, and Boss along with Fixer join the Empire, then it`s like a 2 man army, let`s say Scorch discovers Sev somewhere, critically injured and spends years of helping, the communication fails, they do not hear the order and with time they become more and more independent, finally Sev`s a`right and they decide to find their former comrads from Delta, along the way the join the Rebellion and in the end there`s a conflict which LA can do whatever it decides , like... fighting between them, reuniting, or they can become rogue all-hostiles, it`s a pretty interesting soil for ideas, i mean RC is a gold mine ffs, how can they STILL not see it !? Or perhaps, they both unite with Joda as the guy said and declare war on the empire, just to be able to find former 38 and 40 ... Gold , pure gold....
Just a clue - why not persuade LA to give us the oppurtunity / us like the people posted in this topic/ to create the new RC with help of their crew of course ... IT would be glorious, all like : - Lucasarts gives fanatic fans the oppurtunity to create a sequel to the most succesful SW FPS ever ... Gold mine X 2

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