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Originally Posted by WhatAmI View Post

i read this thread :
"So Here is what happend. I Installed SWTFU USE and downloaded patch 1.1. After Installing the patch (WHICH TOOK SOO LONG) I restarted my computer just in case. I ran the Icon of TFU and On the video/controller tab, I see Resulution and Input device and High Detil. after clicking the dropdown menu I only se Keyboard and Mouse and Xbox 360 Conroller. I try eather one to play with my Dual action controller but sadly it didn't work. And Yes I did Try to Map the buttons to my conroller didn't let me! I Have Found In the Directory a .txt called ControllerConfig which has my gamepad listed. One Problem, How to activate them? Please I wanna play!!"
the thread is sadly closed, but i got the same problem.
u say, u have fix it. How do u fix it?
I'm having the same problem with my Xbox 360 Conroller except I didn't download the patch

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