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Just played the new version - checked out some of the fixes etc. near the beginning of the game and I'm loving it so far! = )

Not sure whether it's still worth working on my version of the Spiffy closeup, but I'll carry on with it when I've got time - mine is scratch-drawn based on the scan of the EGA version, though I've made sure it's aspect-ratio corrected. I'm partway through altering the proportions to look a little more realistic, similar to the added realism between the original EGA portraits and the VGA ones in the original game. I've added a bone, too, as the SE did it to match the small sprite in the SCUMM bar and I think it makes sense. I haven't had much time to work on it for a few days though, so at present it only has very basic shading. If anyone thinks they can replicate the shading style used on the VGA portraits, if you feel it'd be useful for me to post what I've got for you to mess about with then let me know, I guess.

Either way, if the current edit of the SE one is to be used (it's probably far more professional-looking than the one I'm attempting from scratch), it needs altering a little to fit in with the style of the other portraits. I'm a fan of the idea of shrinking the dog down and adding the leg back in (that way there's room for Spiffy's dialogue to appear above him rather than overlaying him), but it'll need to be modified a bit to look more like the realistic style of the other portraits - particularly the shape and texture of the tights/socks or whatever it is he wears down there on his leg. The dog's fur could also do with a little dithering to make it look a little more realistic; the only other main problem I can see is that the blood dripping off the bone doesn't entirely seem to fit the style either - it could do with redrawing, as at the moment the stylised blood looks more like some sort of web. I know some people say that the more realistic portraits clash a little with the rest of the game, but since all the others are already in that style I think it's important to make sure the Spiffy one fits in. If you reckon it'd be more productive to attempt this than to continue with my own scratch-built version, let me know and I'll give it a shot.

Also, one dialogue bug I've noticed so far; while talking to Spiffy, if you choose to say "A-ROOF!" as your second dialogue choice, Spiffy will reply "A-roof?" in his own voice, but then say "Ruff" in Guybrush's voice. = S

Finally; hoping LeChuck Norris will be willing to produce a version of the dock with just the extra dock + ships added and none of the other changes; that and editing a version to remove the ships and just leave the new dock! That's one change I could get behind, as it adds a little more piratey-ness and the ships in dock have appeared in at least one official version of MI1 (the SE). = )
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