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Ser Jaymes then approached Ser Alten's quarters, with Eagan carrying the cask of wine behind him. "Is there something you need, Jaymes?" Ser Alten asked. "Yes, we need you to analyse the residue on this wine cask, and compare it the wine itself. We suspect it was used to poison the Kyng." Ser Jaymes explained. "I'll see what I can do." Ser Alten replied, taking the wine cask back into his quarters.

An hour later, Ser Alten stepped out, and explained his findings. "It's worse than I thought. It's Drider Venom." He told the group. "I'm not entirely familiar with Drider venom, please explain." Ard Eagan asked. "It's a deadly poison commonly used among the Drow. It's bad enough on its own, but its effects are amplified by alcohol. If this were rum, or vodka, Kyng Varhad would already be dead." Ser Alten told him.

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