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Originally Posted by Darth333 View Post
As for the CPU...I so love/hate this eternal AMD/Intel "feud"..which one to chose??? I'm an eternal infidel so I guess I'll do my homework and start reading about it
hehe, best of luck there. of course, you can always start with Tom's Hardware's CPU comparison charts. just check out the benchmarks that pertain to your build, and that should give you a good baseline.
Originally Posted by Darth333
How about getting a small SSD drive and a bigger Hard drive for storage? Is that worth it or should just I get two regular HDD? (I am very partial to the 1TB Western Digital Black drive, at least for storage). Don't know if I've been lucky but those WD drives never failed me.
yeah, WD has been a solid buy for the past couple of years while the old favorite Seagate has fallen behind considerably. as for the SSD situation, unless having super fast boot time is a serious priority, i wouldn't worry about doing a hybrid SSD boot/HD data setup. its really still a little too costly for most people, and you won't notice that much of a performance difference. heck, as far as boot times are concerned, i can still get my system up and running within 1min of pressing the pwr button even with my 1TB WD Black.
Originally Posted by Darth333
I have a Radeon 4870, is it worth replacing it with one of those cards or the one proposed by L&B at this time or would you keep it a bit longer and wait for the next gen? (obviously, this may also influence the mobo choice...)
great question. the 4870 is really one of the best cards from the previous gen, and it still holds up well today. in raw DX10 performance, its on par with the current gen Radeon 5770. so keeping that card around for a while might actually be a great way to save some $$ at least until we can see how well the new Radeon 6000 series is going to do.

the only downside is that you won't get DX11 and whatever other goodies that come with the card (Eyefinity for ATI and 3D Vision Surround for Nvidia), but that's really not that much of an issue since you A). only have 1 monitor and B). there just isn't that many DX 11 games on the market yet.

my advise would be to salvage the 4870 and use it until there's a compelling reason to upgrade.
Originally Posted by Darth333
every time I turn on my PC I feel like an old jet is flying right over my head even with earphones on...for the same performance, I am ready to pay a little extra for a few less decibels (one the reasons why my budget is flexible...the same applies to the case and the fans). Any other case suggestions in that regard (good space/ventilation/sound insulation compromise)? - current case is an Antec P180-b for info.
great case. that was the same case i used in my previous build, and really, the noisiest part was the GPU fan. everything else was mostly silent. my suggestion here would be to keep the case and upgrade the fans. with that particular case, you have 3x 120mm fans, and there's a ton of options there for nice, quiet fans that still pull a ton of CFM. for that, i usually stick with SilentX. those fans are a bit pricey, but they make almost no noise, and they pull a ton of air. just be mindful of the size of the intake fan on the front as you have a limited amount of space between the HD bay and the front bezel. conversely, you could just nix the HD bay, but keep that in mind if you do keep the HD bay.

if you do take my advise and keep the case and the GPU, i would go ahead and put the savings into a 80 Plus Gold Certified power supply. yeah, it'll be pricey, but those things should give you rock solid performance and save you some money in the long run. this one in particular would be an excellent PSU for your build.

anyways, if you have more questions, just keep 'em coming.

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