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Bounty To Collect

TSL on Nar Shaddaa: A bounty hunter tracks the wrong man.

The piece is one long battle broken by a flashback. The main character is a bit too worried about injury, pausing every time she is, and the Jedi she faces is too dark side for you to feel sympathy for his situation. All in all well done.

Force Sight

TSL From Nar Shaddaa to Dantooine: The newly bolstered crew tries to settle in with mixed results.

Remember conversation breaks. At one point you had four people talking in the same paragraph, definitely confusing.

Your version follows what would have been anticipated, except for the Handmaiden’s puppy dog attitude. The scenes do not flow well into each other, almost like looking at a series of burners on a stove where you’re trying to make a complicated dinner. There is little or no character development.

The Price of Love

KOTOR aboard the Star Forge: They did it all for love

The piece flows well, the characters saying what would be anticipated, and love staying her hand when Revan allows her to attack unimpeded. It was a bit sappy there at the end, but still good.

Alternate uses for a Star Forge
The Count of Tuscany

Post KOTOR Aboard the Star Forge: The Republic has won, and you can use an evil tool with a bit of thought.

The story caused me to giggle when they worked out their rotation and especially taking out the newly perverted Dark Lord while he is monologing was just too funny.

Pick of the Week

Three Days on Peragus
Miss Becky

TSL on Peragus: Atton considers how he ended up in the force cage, and what he’ll do to get out of it.

Even in durance vile, the piece doesn’t do much for you. The period Atton had spent in the cage is never really specified in the game, and the author obviously doesn’t know the rule of three in survival, 3 minutes without air, three days without water, that kind of thing.

Revenge of the Writters

Setting for KOTOR III: When the writers can’t even spell, it’s war

Like a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ stories, this one tickles you in ways you don’t anticipate. Turning Cannocks into Canucks, making HK47 an Assassin Druid, and making Revan the poltergeist is just the beginning. When she leaves to deal with them, it’s on a personal level I will not ding the author about spelling, after all the funniest situations in the story are linked to it.

Pick of the Week


'Inside the Republic', with Jolan Dalt

Post KOTOR: The talk show circuit will never be the same…

This is the second ‘talk show’ version, and the guests make it even more fun what with Revan blissing out on thoughts of Carth, the audience getting ribald because the two women are living together, and Malak generally sticking his oar in when he can.

Pick of the Week

It is such a quiet fall.

Pre KOTOR: The spark that ignited a Jedi’s vengeance

The piece went very well, the arguing from the Jedi’s father to Carth who came to say goodbye to a friend well drawn into the picture.

Pick of the Week

Knight Rogue

Pre Mandalorian Wars: As a child Revan was afraid of the dark

An interesting take on the person Revan was as a child. Having Revan a little girl terrified of the dark, and having Malak acting like an older brother is touching.

Last Dance
Tim Radley

Pre KOTOR: Yuthura Ban’s last dance

The piece is chilling in the cold calculation of Yuthura’s revenge. The fear turned to fury, and her vengeance taken on those she hates most.

Pick of the Week


Pre TSL: A Jedi becomes a Mandlorian

The piece is interesting in giving us some background on one of the secondary characters of TSL. His rise among the Sith, then among the Jedi, now as a Mandalorian. Very well done.


KOTOR before capture by the Leviathan: Is she willing to admit her feelings?

The piece is an excellent POV story from Bastila’s perspective. Her feelings burgeoning, unwilling at first to accept them, then the shock of being captured. She knows what he wants to ask, and the question worries her more than her feelings do.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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