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((I hope this doesn't tread over the rules too much. Jedi and Sith were said to be able to sense certain intents, though it's not really a full-blown mind-reading most of the time. He wouldn't know specifically what you're after.))

Was someone looking for him?

The bustling hive of people around him could be overwhelming at times. Through the numerous winding corridors of Raft Nar, one constantly felt under threat of suffocation, both from the crowds and the claustrophobic interior. It was amazing anyone could live onboard this thing, and even the thought of living amongst the inner workings of Citadel Station's pipe network was a welcome new suggestion in the crushing depths of this machinized behemoth.

Yet something still called to Aravel from a person, or people, he had not even seen yet, even as he brushed past some klutzy fool spacer. Destiny. He was destined to meet somebody, or several people that day, who would change his life, and perhaps the future of the Galaxy as a whole, forever. He could feel intent of some kind floating in the air, however subtle. It was impossible for him to pinpoint it in the throngs of sentients, clouded with all sorts of determinations, but an over-arching attitude was looming.

Aravel checked his jacket. He had completely forgotten his blaster, leaving him in a predicament if he was forced to defend himself with his lightsaber or the Force. Jedi were hardly trusted by anyone these days, and many sectors of the station were crime hotspots.

If all else failed, he could hide out on Rhen Var until they forgot about him.

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