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Screen's cut off?

Ok, i just re-installed Windows XP Pro x64 on my computer. I installed XWA using the re-made .msi files and it installed fine. My problem is that when I load it up, there's about 3 inches on the bottom that's just a black box, and 3 inches cut off on top. When I go into video settings to change the resolution, it's locked to 640x480 I think, i can't even really read it cause its cut off... I've tried all the hacks and such to get it working but nothing's done it yet... any help?

My Specs -

Intel 3.0GHz Dual Core
Gigabyte EP45-UD3P
XP Pro x64
nVidia GeForce 9500GT
1GB RAM - 128bit
19" Samsung @ 1440x900
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