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Rickett had spent all day and all night cleaning his blaster and dagger. When the time came, Rickett had gone back to the Cantina, with his blaster holstered and his dagger sheathed. Rickett was standing at the bar, looking round for his contact. He wasn't nervous, he was just cautious. The Cantina was packed with people that day, it could of been anyone, even a group of people on an ambush, that were sent to see the unworthy bounty hunter.
These words had echoed throughout the busy cantina, people bustling to the nearest pazaak tables or the bars. A cloaked, dark figure swiftly walked over to the unaware bounty hunter. He didn't say much. Just the words,
"Aravel Torlund. 1 Billion Credits. 2 Weeks. Anything goes wrong, we kill you." The figure quickly explained, and jolted out of the cantina doors, sliding away from the rushing person and instantly closing again.
Rickett took a sip of ale, and walked back to bed.

(how was this short post? Im a rp newb, and everyones gotta start somewhere:P)

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