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((Nevertheless, Taak, I'm going to have to ask you to edit your post for the time content. As it is, having Rickett clean his weapons all day and all night is not only impractical, but it throws off the time table for everyone else whose characters are currently on the station. So maybe just have him clean his weapons until time to meet with his contact =P))

A yelp and a shouted curse went up from the back of the ship as the lights flickered on and off for a half second. A few minutes later, Kira appeared in the cockpit, nursing a burned finger with a wet cloth.

"I don't know where you got this bucket of bolts," she grumbled, flopping into the co-pilot's seat, "But it has an incredibly bad temper."

She had been working on the electrical system while the ship was in-transit - nothing too major, just a few lighting circuits that wouldn't disturb the ship's instruments or engines - and had been finishing up when they dropped from hyperspace. It wasn't until Torin called back that she had been in any hurry to finish up, though...and in that hurry, her hand had slipped. She pulled the cloth off her hand and stuck the injured finger in her mouth. The technician was looking out the viewscreen now, examining the nearing space station.

"How can a space station be disappointing?" she asked around her finger, just now recalling what he had said. Then, a sudden thought hitting her, she asked with a hint of worry, "It...does have cantinas on it. Doesn't it?"
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