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Originally Posted by Taak Farst View Post
(how was this short post? Im a rp newb, and everyones gotta start somewhere:P)
((Apart from the time skip mentioned by FFWM, it'll do. Everyone's gotta start somewere, right? Just remember not to start every sentence with a character's name and do your best to write in good grammar and you'll do just fine, I think.

Well, guys, we need to find a way for Aravel to bump into everyone else. I also seemed to think there were more people looking for me than there are...I'm still a little confused as to exactly what everyone's doing in coming here. My idea pool for milling around is kind of running dry...this post will be cut a little short.))

Chaos. Something was wrong.

Aravel neither saw nor heard a thing. Something was causing people to trip over each other in horror, though, and a river of humans and aliens alike were practically streaming in a stampede from the nearest cantina. He headed in that direction, preparing himself for whatever might have been waiting around the corner. Reaching into his coat, he fished out his lightsaber and tucked it into his saber arm's sleeve.

The cantina was filled with smoke, either from cigarras or blaster impacts. It was nearly empty now, save for the quickly gathering mob of RNSF security officers. Three bodies, two clearly shot and the other's throat slit, were strewn bloodily over the floor. Aravel kicked aside some garbage that had piled up during the clientele's hasty escape.

"What's going on here?" he asked in the most official tone possible.

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