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"Back off! This is a crime scene, not a photo opportunity for space tourists!" barked another Republic officer, Dane Tirtin's brusque and curly-haired assistant. However, once she took a good look at Aravel, she cleared her throat. "Er, I beg your pardon. This whole business is a mess--people flocking out of the cantina and no one except Ms. Thekla here knowing what in space is going on. My name is Kay Olande, and I hope you'll accept my humblest apologies." She gestured to the man to her left. "Dane Tirtin, my immediate supervisor." Kay then cast a glance over toward Aieri. "Aieri Thekla, reconnaissance." The agent stepped forward, nodding once toward Aravel.

Kay smiled a little too broadly at Aravel, as if to say, Pleased to meet you, but you, not I, must get out of the way. "Pleased to meet you," she said out loud. "Now, if you'll excuse us, we've got three stiffening corpses to haul to the morgue."
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