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"Not entirely. There are two types of Drider Venom: True Drider Venom, taken right from a Drider, and Synthetic Drider Venom, which has a very specific formula. Neither is easy to come by. Many would-be assassins have been killed trying to acquire True Drider Venom right from its source, and many more die from mistakes when concocting Synthetic Drider Venom, inhaling fumes, exposing some of the more volatile components to heat prematurely, etc." Ser Alten explained.

"Either way, we're dealing with someone who knows what they're doing. Faren Mageslayer may be a sadistic brute, but he's not stupid." Ard Eagan pointed out.

"Perhaps he's not working alone. It's not hard to believe that he'd have other nobles helping him." Athra suggested.

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