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The issue with low music volume in DOS is solved. No help needed anymore here. It will be in the next version.

Originally Posted by MusiclyInspired View Post
I think we're getting a little overboard with adding so much special edition content to the patch.
I don't intend to add much special edition content anyway. Voice and sound was my intention. The soundtrack even is optional.
I didn't even add those ships at the Scumm Bar, as I already pointed out, they don't fit in this project. I like to see what other patches can do, though.

The main thing I intend to do with it now is fixing the remaining bugs, if any.
Then, I'll see if I can get an install wizard working, and I would call it final.
Things still possible: adding a final Spiffy, once we decided on any. After that, it is open for debate, if we still need the EGA scan version.
And animating the candles in the Scumm Bar and possibly in the church closeup.
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