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Mica's nostrils flared at Perdante's last comment, and he advanced on her.

"Are you accusing me of killing an unarmed Republic prisoner??" he demanded of her, but before he could stand in front of the Jedi, Captain Starr stepped forward and put an arm out. Her arm caught him around the stomach, stopping his advance.

"No one is being accused of anything just yet, Mica, alright? Calm down." The captain said, and the communications officer stepped down. He gritted his teeth nonetheless, and turned his attention on the Sanghili. The lack of suspicion on the alien's part seemed only to calm him further, and his shoulders and fists relaxed. Mica looked pitifully at the floor.

"No." he said quietly, looking defeated and disappointed in himself. "I had only just begun speaking with him when he collapsed."

Fara's lips pressed themselves together into a thin line, but she put a comforting hand on Mica's shoulder. "It was an accident." she said quietly. "So there's no need to beat yourself up over it. Besides - Pauel's information was only to supplement what we already have. With your tracker on the Pauel's stolen ship, we'll still be able to find Khristoff."
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