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((Much better, Taak ^.^))

"Yeah yeah yeah," she muttered, waving a dismissive hand at her partner. "Let's just get this cranky girl docked; I need a drink." A flashing light on the dash caught her attention, drawing a smirk from Kira. "And apparently, so does she."

The typical docking proceedures took them an additional fifteen minutes to complete. When the Carmen was finally docked, Kira got up out of the co-pilot's chair and stretched her arms as if she had been sitting there for hours. Once her shoulder had popped satisfyingly, she turned to scratching the middle of her back as she turned around.

"Well then," she said, already walking back towards the living quarters. "I think it's your turn to deal with the docking attendant this time. I'm gonna go get my **** together."
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