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Gigabyte for the mobo, x58 or p55 your call - I am very happy with my p55 linky - this is a lil less than what I paid...

If you want serious power and efficiency, my Enermax Modu 87+ 700w... spendy but very efficient, my APC XS1000 UPS shows a power draw of only roughly 130 watts while folding with my GTX460 - far less than I expected! It is also by far the quietest PSU at that power rating.

My build is HTPC, so my CPU cooling solution is specific to my build, but it works quite well, the Big Shuriken by scythe. Went with Crucial memory because it was Mobo approved and renethx (from AVSforums) approved, which was good enough for me.

I found a great deal at FRYS when building on a BD burner, LG's, for $200. Great drive, and the Cyberlink software works nicely... far better than Roxio IMO.

If you are sold on AMD/ATI GPU's, then I understand, and would wait as Q advised for the 6xxx series. If you are open to a change in that regard, my EVGA 768mb GDDR5 gtx460 linky makes me quite happy... also a lil less than I paid!

For a quiet case, if you have extra coin, I cannot recommend highly enough the build quality, feel, and functional design of Lian-Li cases.

Happy building!

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