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Perdante swallowed hard, tasting precious little saliva in her throat. She had feared that Mica would attack her, from the fire in his eyes and the purplish veins that had begun to throb on his forehead! She was grateful to Captain Starr for acting as a living wall between herself and him. "I--I don't mean to accuse you," she continued, gazing at the Republic soldier with fearful eyes. "I was only afraid that somehow, the interrogation session had harmed him. From the state he was in when he was brought aboard, maybe he was already dying."

Turning to the Captain, she continued, "Excellent! I hope that those two Republic fugitives don't yet realize what hit them, or that Pauel's ship, which they've stolen, is now being tracked. If they have realized that, then all of us are up the river."
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