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Zen was in complete disbelief of the current situation. Pauel was their ticket to finding Khristoff, and without that info they would never find him. How could he avenge all of those who had fallen if they couldn't even find the man responsible? Zen found his spirits raised when Captain Starr pointed out Mica had placed a tracker on Pauel's ship.

He then looked over at Perdante once she began speaking. It would seem it was he who was now getting blamed for what happened to Pauel.

"I would never do something so careless such as forgetting my own strength. It is against Sangheli code to kill someone who does not fight back." Zen was a little irritated that she would think he would do something like that. "Those fugitives have names, Dominic and Arai," Zen added in. He could feel his temper beginning to rise a bit.
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