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"Given his very black-and-white view of magic, I have my doubts he would enlist a mage, even a healer." Ser Alten pointed out.

"There is another possibility. In the Kyng's Court, there is a certain Bariness suspected of murdering her way into power, but it's never been proven." Eagan suggested.

"If you mean Edanna Shran, I certainly wouldn't put it past her." Ser Jaymes concurred.

"If those suspicions about her are correct, she'd likely be experienced and patient enough to be able to successfully synthesise Drider Venom." Ser Alten commented.

"What I'd like to know is whether or not there is an antidote." Athra pointed out.

"There is, but to make it is beyond even my skill." Ser Alten replied.

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