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*cautiously enters the room*

Uh, hi. New to KotOR here. I am hoping someone can help me. Sorry this is going to be a tl;dr kind of thing but I just need to explain how this happened:

Just managed to get the game installed and running last night on Windows 7 and it was working just fine except for a bit of touchiness when it came to starting the game but once the game was past the company credits screen it was fine. However, I must have done something to the computer settings or whatnot because all of a sudden tonight I was unable to load the game without it immediately minimizing and being unable to restore.

Long story short, I used the .ini settings as suggested in post #31 of this thread and that has completely fixed the crashing problem, so yay! However, the game screen is awfully small on my monitor. Here's a link to an image of how much it takes up on the screen.

My question is whether or not I can use these swkotor.ini fixes along with a mod of some kind to either make it full screen or near full screen again. I tried using SteveDroid's widescreen fix patch but that only appears to make the screen *smaller*.

Thanks for your potential help. :-)

ETA: for the record, normal resolution on my screen is 1680x1050.

ETA2: Hmm, maybe the .ini fix didn't help as much as I thought after all. After every battle my PC is unable to move. I have to save the game, exit out and the return in order to move.

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