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I appear to have missed installing the Directx 9 step but everything else was done properly and in order. Should I uninstall the entire game and do it again?

ETA: Have reinstalled game following instructions accordingly. The only thing I was unable to do was Set Affinity (my computer wouldn't allow me to do so). Still having identical problem: game will not launch in Fullscreen mode and when I apply setting changes as they appear in post #31, the screen gets smaller (of course). Resolution 1280x1024 is too long (the menu options disappear underneath my taskbar) and 1280x960 gives me the bug where I am unable to move after a combat has completed. In fact, anything lower than 1280X1024 gives me that bug.

I would post a Hardware Configuration report but my computer apparently will not allow that either. And yes, I am running as administrator.

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