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Originally Posted by Random Nickos View Post

1. Install the mod.
2. Open KSE
3. Open the save you want to edit (make a backup just in case)
3. Open inventory
4. Click on the word inventory. It should open a master list of items on the side
5. Scroll to the side, you should be able to see the names of the items.
6. Find the items you need, in this case the robes.
7. Click on one or highlight several and click add item
8. After you have added everything you want, click commit changes.
9. Close down KSE and start your game up. The robes should be in your inventory.
I can't get KSE to work and I really want to use these robes.. I don't want to hijack this thread asking for KSE troubleshooting though.

Is there an easier way to get it in game? I've never really modded kotor before, so does a tool like KT allow you to just swap the model and skin of an item and rename the item?

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