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Originally Posted by TKA-001 View Post
Uh-huh. So Revan, some Jedi Knight who literally stumbles across the Sith Empire, is the one who is using them to further his own goals when they're the ones who turned him into a Sith and sent him back to kill the Republic. Yeah, I don't frigging think so.

This line of thinking is something I've seen a lot of in this fanbase, and I can't for the life of me make sense of it. Why does a group that doesn't care about what's in the canon of even the two games (let alone the rest of the EU) care what "changes" are being made in newer stories?
Because I do care. It's not like I'm angry about or will throw myself of a bridge....but the way they portray's not the way most people played him, with the armor and back-hand grip. I used to be a huge Kotor fan and the game was all about 'being Revan.' By 'canonising' many stuff about Revan, the magic of the character (which is the player him/herself) is somewhat lost.
For example, everyone who played a short-haired of female Revan is already 'out of the loop' now. the character that appeared in the video's is not 'their' Revan.

I can see why it appears strange. It's a completely fictional character. But it's a fictional character that was shaped by every individual player. Unlike Gordon Freeman or The Duke, the character of Revan get's 'closer' to you, which is one of the plusses of most RPG's.

But anyway, I look forward to SWTOR. The fact that Bioware tries to 'end' Revans story in a nice way is commendable

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