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Originally Posted by Lynk Former View Post
I've already finished it on normal and I'm going through it on Legendary by myself... stuck on the bit on the corvette after you change it's course to the main cruiser... two elites in a corridor with lots of hiding places and an extra bunch of dudes come in if you venture far enough... it's a gauntlet of all these bastards and the weapons i have aren't very useful to me in legendary.... well i do have one of those energy swords and i can manage to take out one elite and almost take out the other one before i die but... ugh...

I mean, I've been doing pretty damn well up til that point, but these elites have very strong shields and it takes too many shots with the needler rifle to whittle them down... plus those two white elites spam grenades at me and have the armour lock ability which i know you can take advantage of... if they weren't so busy protecting each other lol. I'll get pass that point somehow but in the meantime I think i'll skip that level and do it later cause I died like 50 times... it's a shame too cause there are some part where I felt like "**** yeah, I'm so awesome"... until then XD
Nice, I am proud to say I have beaten every Halo game on Legendary going solo, I never did have many to play with. From past Halos experience, the plasma rifle/pistol weapons can quickly take out a Elites/Brutes shields. Standard Needlers are good to take them out as well. But I don't know how different Reach is yet.
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