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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Runs Like Clockwork!

Non SW Fiction: A gnome gets ready for her tests this day

Like all of Tsyacha’s work, this flowed well. The main character is believable, and fun to read. Her explanations of the differences between our society and theirs makes you wonder what else might be different.


Family Ties

Previously reviewed 07 14 06, that review is below:

Set in the interim between KOTOR I and II: What if the memories of Revan from KOTOR were really hers, just sanitized and rewritten?

The small blurb at the start hooked me and the story flowed on from there. Excellent work!

Reprise Pick of the Week

Old Women and Fools
Marin Dakari

TSL aboard Ebon Hawk: Atton remembers an old saying, and meeting Revan before Onderon.

The piece is excellent because you get a glimpse at the woman behind the legend of Revan. Atton’s brusque view of what is happening is counter-pointed by the present day as he wonders if he has saddled himself with another dangerous fem.

Pick of the Week


Pre KOTOR: The previous relationship between Revan and Bastila

It is excellent to read of young love, especially among those denied it. The little things he does to gain her favor, the slow burgeoning of it, and the split when he leaves. At the end I was struck by the idea that I didn’t know who was speaking, Revan or Bastila.

Pick of the Week

The Way of The Jedi

Pre War of Exar Kun: Two Jedi decide to stop at Cyneia to rest, not knowing that they will walk into a war.

The piece flowed well, the battle well choreographed. Seeing Jolee as a young man is rare, and his actions show the same determination he shows later in life.

Pick of the Week

Unless, Of Course, He's the Pilot

KOTOR Aboard Ebon Hawk: What do you say to the lady when you interrupt her shower?

The piece is funny primarily because of the differing reactions of the two men. Two characters were mentioned, one man and a woman, and from the tag at the top I assume the male was Revan. That only begs one question; who is in the shower?

Pick of the Week

The Cynaderian Chronicals. Prolouge

100,000 years before KOTOR: Intrigue aboard the Star Forge

The problem is there is no character development at all in the piece. We know names, but we do not even know what race the characters are.

Lost Memory
Mina Noriarty

Era not set: A Jedi visit’s the Kinrath caves of Dantooine.

Forgotten words ‘Not that the trip wasn't enjoyable, just that it (was) unusual for her‘. Improper word usage, reviled (Hated) instead of revealed, planed instead of planned.

The piece didn’t flow very well, the fight first with the Kinrath then with the droids seemed cobbled together without rhyme nor reason

Into The War

Pre Mandalorian Wars: Jolee Bindo is trapped.

You forgot conversation breaks. I spent more time figuring out who was speaking than I did reading it.

Message from the Heart
Saerry Snape

5 Years Post TSL: The long awaited reunion of Atton and the Exile

The piece flowed very well, the reaction at their meeting and afterwards perfect.

Pick of the Week

Mist in the Force

Post TSL: Even though she’s dead, the Exile has a feeling that Kreia is still there.

The piece was well written, and flowed perfectly.


Post TSL: Revan is examined by the Jedi Council

Remember conversation breaks. You also have words run together. One sentence needs revision; ‘At the same time, the trees created a great amount of shade at the same time’ obviously needs only one ‘at the same time’.

The situation is what you would probably have expected at game’s ends. She has been redeemed, but the Council would still be worried. The idea of a total lockdown bothered me a bit.

Kuramas Girl Angel

I’m not sure which part tweaked my funny bone most; having a girl from Earth as part of the cast telling them it’s all a made up world, or her having Force powers. The story flowed extremely well, and Ari’s character is believable.

Pick of the Week

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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