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((Wait, Taak, your character is the cloaked guy? I meant for something...well...completely different. It's okay if you're cloaked and watching too, mind you, but it feels like I'm controlling you to just force your character to be the guy suddenly standing there...

Unless I mention "another" distinct cloaked person during this scene, I'm interacting with the NPC following me/us.))

Something wasn't right here.

First, the strangely random killing, then a guy quietly sitting in the corner after the massacre went down right next to him, and now an obviously cloaked person skulking around the scene. Murderer or otherwise, Aravel only got a worse and worse feeling about their stalker and his intents. Edging closer and closer to the figure, Aravel slowly forced it into a corner inconspicuously. Finally, when he couldn't move any closer without touching their stalker, he went straight for it's throat, or at least where he assumed that was. The two fell to the floor in a noisy brawl as Aravel attempted to subdue the person.

It uncloaked during the ensuing mélee. A masked man in a tight black bodysuit appeared underneath Aravel as the two violently kicked and punched at each other. The assassin abruptly ignited a blood red lightsaber while he threw his Jedi foe off of himself, assuming an Ataru stance and unsuccessfully attempted to be-leg his enemy in the process. Aravel, in turn, ignited his own lightsaber and fell back on his dueling-superior Makashi, simply side-stepping the aggressive swipe at his thigh. Responding in kind to his assailant, Aravel brought his lightsaber down on his dark enemy's blade and attempted to push him down.

"Everyone down!" he shouted.

Not satisfied with ToR? Are you, but want to read a take on what happened immediately after the Exile left? Just want to read a KotOR-related fanfic?

(WIP) Knights of the Old Republic: War in the Shadows

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