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Suddenly distracted from her questioning of the man at the bar by the shout of the Jedi, Aieri stood up, reaching up to detach the long, silver overtunic she usually wore. Underneath it, she wore a burgundy suede bodysuit, but kept the silver silk wrappings tight over her hair and face. As a Republic Intelligence agent, she wasn't one to run and hide when danger struck. She may have lost an eye, but that was not due to cowardice on her own part. Rather, it was due to her overdeveloped sense of bravado, which usually served her quite well...

Unsheathing a vibroblade with a cortosis weave from her belt, she sprung toward the assailant with the red lightsaber. Now's your chance to run for it, the spy thought, casting one last glance at the suspect she had been questioning. For now, I've got bigger fish to fry, but I'll be watching you...
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