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Originally Posted by MountainDew_JKG View Post
Oh yeh that.
My friend had same problem, just read this _patch fix_ or use the old one
I just wanted to thank you guys for this, been playing this game for so long and didn't know why it stopped working all of a sudden, figured it might be the newest catalyst
2 questions though if i may, since i registered and all (Sorry for hijacking the thread but problem is solved so i figured why not?)
1. do you guys know of a patch to change the resolution somehow? i have a laptop running 1366x768 and i would love to play the game on max res, its too small for window mode and its too big for the ugly fullscreen the game is(was?) on.
2. game brightness is very low, what i do is make it brighter via game settings, but then my entire screen gets bright, like if i alt-tab and the likes, any way to fix this ? (that wouldn't have been that big of a problem, but sometimes, unfortunately, the game freezes for me if its trying to load a server or i alt-tab etc, or someone uses a crash skin - and then the screen stays bright until i shut it down unfortunately )
thanks again

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