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Originally Posted by Ztalker View Post
the way they portray's not the way most people played him, with the armor and back-hand grip. I used to be a huge Kotor fan and the game was all about 'being Revan.' By 'canonising' many stuff about Revan, the magic of the character (which is the player him/herself) is somewhat lost.
For example, everyone who played a short-haired of female Revan is already 'out of the loop' now. the character that appeared in the video's is not 'their' Revan.
That's what I don't get. Why does the canon rendering of the character shaft the experience of an individual player any more than another individual's does? They fall into the same category as far as the individual is concerned: Another "version".

Originally Posted by Lord Foley View Post
Why is everyone complaining about the story when in fact it's that absolutely retarded "edgy" lightsaber grip that ruins everything?
Are you ****ting me?

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