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Got it.

The mentality that it is alright for my side to do something, but not the other side to do it seems to be the point of the rally. It is always easier to attack something and attempt to instill fear towards the opposition rather come up with your own plan to solve the problems of this nation. Saying the other side is destroying this nation and/or calling them names while saying you will bring this country back to the 1950’s when this country was great does nothing to solve the real problems this country faces. Not only that, but there is a large segment of this country that rightfully want to have nothing more to do with 1950’s America. Both sides need to come up with a plan to solve our problem and end the name calling, rhetoric and just plain lying.

I’ll go back to what my grandmother use to say, if someone wants to sells you a diamond ring for a dollar, then you have a ring not worth a dollar.

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