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Kira's demeanor immediately darkened, her good humor evaporating in the light of the yellow tape that blocked off the entrance to the cantina.

"You have got to be f*cking kidding me!" she cried, going up to the yellow tape. She put her hands on the top of the plastic strip, looking not unlike a kid longingly staring at a long-loved toy beyond reach in a store front window. "That would happen to m--Force!"

She caught sight of the lightsabers' glow a moment before a renegade piece of debris - the remnants of a table that had a second ago been used as a projectile by one of the robed men - ricocheted off a wall and sailed right by where her head had been a blink of an eye ago. The spacer rose from her frantic crouch with a very dark look on her face.

"Throw tables at me, will you??" she said, immediately unholstering her blaster and letting loose a barrage of bolts at the robed men.
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