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When more attackers barged into the cantina, the republic soldiers had temporarily tended to Rickett's wounds, leaving him intact enough to fight. Rickett drew his blaster pistol from out of it's holster. There was way too many of these robed attackers. Five, maybe Six. Two of them stood on the left side of the cantina. The attackers seemed to be getting in a formation, to trap the jedi. Rickett looked upward to see a large electrical cantina sign above the two on the left. He shot the sign, causing it to fall, giving the attackers a temporary electrical injury. As they hovered for the moment, Rickett ran up, blasted one of them in the head and shoved his dagger into the other one. He landed next to the jedi and looked at the two he attacked. The one he shot was already dead on the ground, and the other one slowly dropped to the floor. As the attacker died, Rickett crouched towards the bodies, thrusting his dagger out of one of them.
"I'll take that," Rickett said, as he smirked, rolling back to the jedi.

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