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((Anyone up for a little...destruction? Hehe...))

After the last assassin's cleanly severed head went rolling, the cantina was quiet, if only for a moment.

"Well, then," Aravel said with finality. "That's over with."

Chance decided to mock the Jedi. Mere seconds after the comment, the entire station rocked with a tremendous rumble that put the largest earthquake to shame, throwing every standing person hard down on the ground. Yet more assassins, exposed by the abrupt shift in footing, appeared from every conceivable direction and attacked at once. Every other bystander in the cantina not involved in the incident was quickly cut down, adding to the growing pile of bodies. Blaster fire could distinctly be heard coming from within the depths of the station's catacombs, accompanied by sounds of ferocious melee combat.

"Or not..."

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