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Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
I hope its good, but at the minute, the only Star Wars I enjoy is old or is being written by someone else.
My understanding is that this show wouldn't be written by Lucas.

Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Maybe a better option would be having some new material from another era, and not bleeding that TPM-ROTJ one for everything it has.
It isn't the TPM-ROTJ, its the Dark Times era which has very little material in it currently.

Originally Posted by adamqd View Post
Having a Jedi walk through a forest near the studio's is considerably cheaper then rendering the forest in 3d....
According to reports, there are no jedi (or at least main characters) in the show. It would focus on a group of more fringe-like characters.

But by all means, everyone continue to nerd rage like it was 2003!

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