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I'm no economist, but as I understand it, risk is profitable. These ups and downs in the stock market can be a good thing. I kind of like capitalism because its like evolution. But on a social level that's probably a bad idea.

I have noticed some compelling arguments about how the wealthy top percent of the US controls a ridiculous amount of the wealth though...

Just how dependent upon government will this nation become? In some ways, I'm glad to see the government having such little control over the economy, but in another way I'm sad to see such crazy exploitation of the system, and would like see a more decisive, controlling government. History seems to show that no 'perfect' solution lasts for long - all empires fall, eventually one extreme flips over to the other.

To me, free-market capitalism seems like its the perfect way to run an economy - due to its ability to grow. But at the same time it has such great consequences to the common man and the world.

I can't make up my mind about things, it seems.

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