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Coruscant Entertainment Center

Runs Like Clockwork: Chapters 1-2

NSW Fiction, continuation of Runs Like Clockwork: The little gnome finds out about her mother’s death before she heads off to her destiny.

Like all of her work Tysyacha draws us in, makes us see the society. As she pointed out, you create your own mythology dependant on your environment. Her mother not dying, but going back to stone.

Ghosts and Echoes

Post TSL: Now with a grown son, Atton visit’s the Exile’s grave as he does every year.

The piece is light and poignant, the fun Atton has still with his son overshadowed by who lies buried at his feet. The secret talk they have after the boy has left is what is shared by all people who spend such times.

Pick of the Week

Ivory Chopstick

TSL on Peragus: The Exile awakens

The piece is a generic retelling of the intro into the game, except that she did not speak with Kreia.

Murderous Mind

After TSL, no specific period given: A Sith lord awakens in a Kolto tank

The inner dialogue of the heroine is rife with pain and fury. She looks at her past almost with indifference, and sees her future with as little emotion.

Droids Can't be Trusted

Pre TSL: A young Jaq Atton remembers why he doesn’t trust droids.

The piece flows well, the character young and impetuous. Why AL suddenly gains a conscience is never explained, but his escape with the ship seals the thought of not trusting a droid.

Fire Team Torch

Post KOTOR: The light side survivors of the Ebon Hawk’s voyage plan their next move

The piece follows hard on a dark side ending to the game. Carth, Yuthura and Mission plan what they must do now that Revan has gone to the Dark Side.


KOTOR aboard Ebon Hawk: Canderous starts one argument too many…

The piece is funny in that like another work earlier in the year, when Canderous gets his come upance, everyone thinks someone else invited him along. The actions of Canderous boasting about his prowess are counter pointed by every one else just feeling tired at the tattered old clichés.


Other KOTOR characters

The Flames of War

Before the war of Exar Kun: Jolee contemplates his actions, and wonders about his own fate

The piece flows well, and the interplay of Jolee’s emotions are well portrayed. His worry that he will fall to the dark side because he was satisfied that another man had died is clearly defined.


Pre Mandalorian Wars: Carth relives the worst day of his life to that point, the death of his mother

The piece is a good introspection of Carth. He remembers the conflicts between him and his father, the warm relationship with his mother, and grieves in his heart as people will.

There is No Death . . .
Tim Radley

Mandalorian Wars: The Republic begins a new campaign

The piece has no flight of Jedi superiority, it has instead a meeting discussing the Mandalorian advance, and the Jedi taking a firm hand in it. It is dry, pedantic, and thoroughly delightful as all of Trs work to date.

Pick of the week

The Turning Point
Lord Valentai

Mandalorian wars: For Malak the war has become personal

The piece flows well from the aftermath of an attack to the death of those that carried it out. The characters are clearly defined and almost picture perfect.

Pick of the Week

The End of a World

Mandalorian wars at Malachor V: The end of the war leads to an end to their fellowship as well.

The piece is excellent, the last victim of the Mandalorian wars goes home to face judgment, and seems almost relieved when she does.

Memories of A Traitor

Mandalorian wars: Revan reminds me of Mephistopheles in Faust

The story begins with the Jedi offering their services, and ends with Karath fully under the Dark Side. The evolution of the Jedi from protectors to Sith was well done.

'To argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason is as futile as to administer medicine to the dead.' Now who said that?

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