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Couple things mimartin:
Enron was just straight ignoring the laws so oversight meant nothing(More specifically Arthur Andersen was misleading customers with the same kind of accounting that Clinton used to create the "Budget surplus").
BP was ignoring the laws specifically safety regulations.
Madoff ignoring the laws, and spending quality time in a federally funded house with a few "friends" for it.
AIG... That's one where you actually see oversight working.

EPA was actually started by President Nixon. I have my problems with the EPA, but mostly equipment requirements rather than the actual emissions requirements.

Personally what I want is less government involvement in MY life. For instance one area the Republican party and myself tend to break is the issue of abortion. The government should not be getting involved in what people do to their own bodies(though I think Roe v Wade was feds overturning state laws its the state laws I had a problem with). And another id their stance on Gay Marriage. You can't control who you love any more than you can control the weather.

Of course my biggest concern with the Dems is the whole class warfare thing. It sounds an awful lot like the things Lenin said just before they seized the bankers assets, and killed them in Russia. It sounds like justifications for taking what the poor feel they are owed(Not Hitler-esque as the Republican talking heads may have you believe, but more Leninist).

Edit: I should probably note here that I am not calling the Democrats Commies. I am however concerned with the way the class warfare flag keeps getting raised at every speech and rally to sway people in a similar fashion to the way it was just prior to the Bolshevik revolt.

"I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it." Thomas Jefferson

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