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i rescued lando. now he is on some computer, abover parts where his ship is. and i just cant find out what to do. i have been trying almost all day. i killed all the guys i could find outside. i would really appreciate if someone helped me. thanks already
Hi, Its been a while since I played but you should go to the platform in the room where Lando is (to the right or left just behind him) and be taken down to the hangar where the fun starts again, you have to disengage the tractor beam and refuel the ship before you can leave.

Blast the containers either side of the hangar walls to drop down into tunnels which take you to where the various controls are, take note of the symbols on the fuel pipes in the hangar as you will need to recreate these on the top of the large tank outside to start the fuel flowing.

As soon as the ship is ready to go you will be joined by quite a few more bad guys before you finally get away.
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