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mimartin: You are falling into the same trap the government always uses to get more money from people. "Oh NOES!!! If we cut budgets, police and fire departments and teachers lose jobs!" It's the same thing as when you have to take a pay cut(as MILLIONS of people have) and saying that you now have to shut off water to keep the cable TV on. There are lots of things the government could cut back on to shrink the size of it without sacrificing necessary services. I mean really the government pulled in $2.1TRILLION in revenue last year... Surely they can cut some military research programs to save us a few hundred billion somewhere.

Not to mention, I want LESS involvement in MY(as in directly relating to ME) life. I cited specific examples but since you decided to go for the shock value of "ZOMG!!! Get rid of everything the government does for you?" I guess I have to be more thorough. Necessary functions of the government are outlined in the Constitution. They have no business telling people not to get married if they want to. They have no business telling people they HAVE to get health insurance(Auto insurance is different in that you can have your license revoked because driving on the roads is a privilege, not a right, despite how necessary that privilege is).

And it's no surprise you caught what the oversight teams missed. You were looking for it knowing it was there. Throw in about a thousand or more companies that one of whom may or may not have violated SEC laws, and see how well you can spot it.

I wasn't saying that lack of oversight would fix it. Chances are high it would happen more frequently. IE the reason the EPA was instituted in the first place in that companies were dumping toxic waste into community drinking water supplies. I was saying that these examples are the opposite in that they show how even with regulations and oversight it still happens and oversight worked. The bad people get caught. It's sorta like using Three mile island to show how safeguards failed(when in fact the safeguards worked, unlike Chernobyl). Perhaps I misunderstood your examples. Were they meant to show how lack of oversight led to those companies flat out ignoring the law? Because oversight was supposed to be in place, but even so they got away with it for a long time.

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