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Name: Issac Hale

Age: 28

Species: Human

Gender: Male

Occupation: None; Currently on the run

Description: 2 meters tall (6'6 ft) with a powerful build. His hair a pitch black buzzcut with brown eyes and his face is sharply defined, with the remnants of stitches lingering around his chin, forehead, and cranium. His body is covered in scars from procedures performed upon him to augment his both physical and force abilities, while a bit pale due to the amount of time he spends in his armor. Issac's right arm has been replaced with a mechanical one. When not encased in his armor he prefers to wear a t-shirt and a set of cargo pants.

Right Side
Front Side
Left Side

Equipment: Republic Prototype Mk. 1 Meta Suit; Stealth Field Generator; Recharging Shield Generator

Weapons: Baragawin 40mm Grenade Launcher; Mandolorian Heavy Plasma Repeater; Cathar Vibrodagger

Notable Force Powers: Precognition (Brief flashes that tend to have more implication for others than himself); Sense (He can feel the intentions of those around him); Insanity (Part of Issac's force training involved forcing other to experience hallucinations and immense terror, which he can accomplish on individuals with enough focus)

Other Skills: Interrogation and killing

History: Issac Hale was born on Coruscant as the son of Issac and Marisa Hale, a speeder technician and a loving mother respectively. They raised Issac on strong moral values, hard work, and compassion until both of them disappeared one day and never returned. It was his ninth birthday.

Soon after the disappearance of his parents, and nowhere else to go, Issac was placed in an orphanage. Given the general vicinity of his home to the the lower levels of the Coruscant metropolis, he was placed in a poor excuse for a orphan's refuge where brutality and poor living conditions reigned. Corrupt overseers abused the children in numerous ways, some even disappearing. Those children that did disappear hardly ever returned in one piece. It was fortunate that Issac would be there for no more than a few months, but the scars from the experience would be evident later in his life. Actually, anger is the more appropriate word. Twelve years after leaving the orphanage, the building would mysteriously explode and kill every man, woman and child inside.

Months after Issac was admitted the orphanage experienced a surprise visit from a Republic official with a contingent of armed guards. Most of the overseers panicked, afraid that the official was some sort of inspector making a surprise run. They rushed him with excuses and platitudes before he even set foot in the building, though he simply waved them off. The official didn't care for the conditions that the orphans were subjected to. He was simply there to collect a specific few and be on his way.

Issac was shaken awake and shoved into a transport with no lighting, no seating, no fresh air, and not enough space for the amount of children being herded in. Nonetheless, every one of the children was squeezed in and the transport took them on a days trip to a facility they were never told the location of, only leaving for assignments. They were given bunks and rations and told how to run, jump, and kill.

Thus the majority of Issac's life was spent being trained to kill, told to kill, and actually killing. He never questioned why some people died, only learned from the mistakes of others who did. When his mild Force potential was discovered, Issac was segmented and experimented on. Psychological and physical trauma endured from these experiments drove him to the brink of insanity and those who knew him might argued that it did, though none of them would be alive to back the point.

Less than a year ago, Issac had a break. Securing his armor and weaponry, he escaped from the facility and proceeded to hunt down every single person associated with the program: facility personal, trainees, anyone with a beating heart was cut down both literally and figuratively. Other trainees sent after him were met with pure brutality and absolutely no mercy, despite having endured some of the same trials as Issac had. By the time the dust settled a little over a month ago, everyone associated with the project was dead and records were destroyed. Officially, the deaths were attributed to Sith remnants and other possible rebel groups. Only Issac was left and he disappeared, eluding those who were investigating the deaths.

Issac was once a good person. As a child, he was merciful and kind and considerate. Now however, he is bitter and broken and cruel. That is not to say that he is devoid of any good, but he's long given up hope of living a life. As a result of the experimentation, he has developed a form of schizophrenia consisting of auditory and visual hallucinations. These hallucinations have the tendency to tap into his precognitive abilities, although sometimes they simple exist as the result of his deteriorated mental state.

Issac has been physically enhanced to be stronger and faster than the normal human being, but has most notably developed a remarkable endurance for punishment. Those who knew him would compare him to a beast of a war, savage in nature and his abilities. In combat, he will use this particular trait to his advantage at every turn, preferring to engage in melee combat.

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