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Originally Posted by Intress View Post
The first thing I noticed, was many of the models seemed to get switched around a lot. One save file I had Verbal's model become a human in a red jacket, and I had Sin turn into what looked like a default player model. I've had his brethren turn into wraids and other models with Sara Degana, Drix, and Walon turning into player models, and now Drix turned into a Gamorrean. I figured it was a problem with appearance.2da, but I know nothing about editing .2da files and have no idea why the models rarely seem to be consistent.
This is definitely a 2da issue, caused either by improper order of mod installation(I will look for an old post I made on this subject) or by OS issues. Not BoS:SR related, this is user error, no offense

Originally Posted by Intress View Post
The second problem I had was after finishing the mod and attempting to leave the Czerka Mining Facility, the game exited to the main menu when I tried entering Dreshdae. Any attempt to enter into it from the Civilian Quarters, warping to the Ebon Hawk and exiting the ship, or warping anywhere on Korriban quit the game to the menu and lock up the controls. It only happened on one save that I've since deleted, but I'd prefer it to not happen again and haven't progressed that far into the mod again yet. I had to make sure I finished Korriban before I attempted the mod again, and now these randomly switched models are worrying me.
Not sure about this one... played the mod through several times and not encountered it. What other mods do you have installed? Do you happen to have Agent Xim's Korriban Caves or RedHawke's Ord Mantell installed? Those will have conflicting scripts with BoS:SR. There are workarounds, we can work that out after you correctly install the mods. I would recommend not warping around that much when there are so many triggers you can break.... Korriban is loaded with stuff going on, so warping around before certain booleans have been set or triggers plucked will b*tchslap your game.

Originally Posted by Intress View Post
The last problem may not even be related, yet when I go into Dreshdae from the space port I occasionally hear a sound in the background as if a rodian is being tortured. I don't know if it's related or even anything to worry about, but I figured I may as well mention it.
This is part of what goes on in Korriban... it is a dark place, with torture n junk.

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