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Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
This is definitely a 2da issue, caused either by improper order of mod installation(I will look for an old post I made on this subject) or by OS issues. Not BoS:SR related, this is user error, no offense
None taken I figured it had to have been something I did while installing the mods, only thing is I'm not sure what or how. I put all the non-TSL patcher ones in first, and then installed the rest after. The only thing I haven't done is cleared out the modules folder, cause I don't remember what's supposed to be in there by default and didn't feel like messing with stuff I didn't need to. Think I should just back up my saves and reinstall the game and the mods afterwards?

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
Not sure about this one... played the mod through several times and not encountered it. What other mods do you have installed? Do you happen to have Agent Xim's Korriban Caves or RedHawke's Ord Mantell installed? Those will have conflicting scripts with BoS:SR. There are workarounds, we can work that out after you correctly install the mods. I would recommend not warping around that much when there are so many triggers you can break.... Korriban is loaded with stuff going on, so warping around before certain booleans have been set or triggers plucked will b*tchslap your game.
The only mods I have installed besides BoS:SR are:

Challenge Sith

Fast Feats, Feat Progression, Force Power Feat Gain

Save Malak, Sherruk uses Lightsabers

Any Spell, Force Destruction, Force Quake, K1 Force Power Pack v2, Multi-Kill & Plague

Male Head Pack by Inyriforge

Bralor the Mandalorian, Enhanced Merchants, Mind-Bot


Davik on Ebon Hawk, Super Skip Taris

Bastila Romance Enhancement, Glitch Fix, Juhani Romance

Star Forge Revan's Robes by SithRevan, Revan Robe Fix by Drizen I believe is the one I have.

and Lightsaber Choices v2 I think is the newest one.

Other than that I had A Lost Sith On A Nameless World with the Fix(which seemed to have a conflict somehwere), Zombie Planet (which had a warning during install), T3-M4 Workbench , Force Resurrect (had a file missing somehow?), and 90SK's Robes (I thought it changed Ajunta Pall's model to any evern worse choice so I removed it, then the model stayed the same and I just never bothered putting it back in).

I'm not sure if it'll happen again because it didn't happen until after I had finished BoS:SR and was going to finish Korriban since I put it off to play the mod. I tried warping to see if it was just that particular exit, or just Dreshdae, or the entirety of Korriban that was an issue. Korriban was just broken somehow. Other those few times I hadn't warped before on that file and I've since deleted it and started over from an earlier one (had to replay Kashyyyk and Manaan) where I just finished the first BoS quest. However, Drix's model had changed since the last time I had saved, so I didn't go any farther in the quest line and thought it best if I come here and ask around.

Originally Posted by Qui-Gon Glenn View Post
This is part of what goes on in Korriban... it is a dark place, with torture n junk.
I was just curious cause I've never heard that sound playing at the part of Korriban. Just seems weird I'd have Rodian pain/death sounds playing as I'm entering Deshdae just after getting off the Ebon Hawk. As long as nothings wrong there, that's fine.

Thanks for replying, I'm quite stumped to be honest. I'm thinking the best bet is to just backup saves and reinstall everything afterwards. Other than that I'm not sure what to do, cause I'm not knowledgeable and don't need to mess up anything trying to edit files.

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